WELCOME TO Nils.Rocks!

First of all: Yes! I write, play and produce everything myself in my home studio. Best would be just to hear and look yourself. :)



Watch my music videos (more on my Youtube channel, to be found in "social media"): WATCHABLE



Listen to songs: HEARABLE.

You can listen to the complete album "First Eight" on Apple Music, Spotify and more.


About me

Starting to record my songs in 2001 on an old pc, I was fascinated by the idea of producing my own music. Playing in several bands during that time, I never lost my wish to record songs no one else took hands on.

After years of playing in more bands and projects I finally started to write and record the songs for „First Eight“ in 2017.

Writing everything myself, playing and recording the instruments and then mixing the songs takes a huge amount of time when you're not earning your living with it - but the head full of ideas for the next albums, I'm sure there will be several more.

My lyrics deal with my view of the things that keep me busy:

As an artist you should not be afraid to polarize, you shpuld not do everything to be loved, but to bring (sound) color into the world.


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